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  • I have a small face, will this mask fit me? This mask is designed to fit everyone, thanks to the adjustable ear loops and metal nose bar. We’ve seen it work for very petite folk, as well as larger people. That said, if you have a smaller face, you will need to adjust the cord stoppers to be tighter, and expect more fabric to wrap under your chin.
  • Can you carry masks for men? Our mask design fits people of all genders. We try our hardest to have a variety of different prints, ranging from animals, to fruit, to floral, to plaid, and beyond, so that everyone, no matter their gender, can find a mask that suits their personality. 
  • How should I wash the mask? We recommend you wash your mask on hot and then air dry. While machine-drying your mask using high heat will not damage your mask, we believe for the sake of the environment and for the longevity of all your clothing, air drying is the way to go! Please see CDC guidelines for how to store and wash face masks. 
  • Do your masks have a filter insert? Yes, our mask has a filter insert located on both edges of the mask. We recommend you use a PM 2.5 Activated Carbon Filter. Gently fold the filter lengthwise to feed it through the side pockets. You can then flatten out the filter. See blog post here (coming soon). 
  • What are your masks made from? Our masks are made from 100% cotton fabric, and we use polyester and Mako cotton thread to construct them. The nose bar is a double-coated plastic wire that will not melt in the wash, the ear loops are soft non-latex spandex and nylon, and the cord stoppers are flexible silicone, offering comfort and durability.
  • Where do you acquire fabric? We source most of our fabric on Etsy, where we can find prints we like while supporting small businesses. We also purchase from local fabric shops as much as we can, and make the occasional trip to Marden’s Surplus and Salvage. Occasionally, we acquire deadstock cotton from yard sales, thrift shops, and fabric donations.
  • I’d like to purchase a mask but cannot afford to pay $18. Please email us. While we are a small business and our masks are priced so mask-makers are fairly compensated for their fastidious work, we firmly believe that everyone should have access to high-quality masks. 
Please contact if you have any additional questions.


    • Do you have free shipping? Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders over $35. We charge a flat rate, $4.00, for all orders under $35.00. 
    • How quickly will you ship? We try our hardest to ship same or next day, but please allow 1-3 days for processing.
    • What shipping options do you offer? We ship standard first-class via USPS. 
    • How can I track my package? Your tracking information is linked in your order confirmation.  
    Please contact if you have any additional questions.

      Quality guarantee

      If you are located in the Camden area, we can repair your mask for no cost. Please contact to set up an appointment.

      • One of my cord stoppers fell off. How can I replace it? If you still have the cord stopper, please follow these instructions (blog post coming soon) to see how you can use a bobby pin, paper clip, or twist tie to reinstall it. If you do not have the cord stopper, please contact us, and we will send you a cord stopper at no additional cost.  
      • My nose bar snapped in half. How can I repair it? Prior to 2021, we used an aluminum bar in our masks that could snap in half when bent excessively or after washing many times. We now use a nose wire that has not garnered any reports of melting or breaking! If your aluminum bar broke, we can send you a new nose bar for no cost, and you can follow the simple tutorial HERE (blog post coming soon) to repair your mask.